Live Stream

Streaming server online:

(If the status above shows ‘no’, please send us a message so that we can resolve the issue.)

We are very pleased to announce that, alhamdulillah, since the month of Ramadan, we have been live streaming all five daily salaah, taraweeh, Jumma, and any talks given in the masjid. Please share this page ( with all your family and friends to ensure that a link with the masjid is established.

If you have an internet radio device (such as Pure, Roberts, Ocean, etc) you can add the Chingford Masjid live audio stream to it using the settings below. Please check the user guide of your device for instructions on how to do this.

Address:   Port: 80
Address:   Port: 8784

Please note that we do not stream 24/7 so if there is no sound then please try again nearer salaah times or at the time of any event announced on the website.

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this service via the contact form.