Madrassah Holidays and Time Change


Madrassah has now finished for the end of Ramadan/Eid holidays and will resume after Eid-ul-Fitr on Monday 10th June 2019.

Madrassah Time Change

The Headteacher and trustees have decided to change the madrassah timings slightly to address some safety concerns. As such from Monday 10th June 2019 the madrassah timings will be as follows:

Session 1

  • 4:20pm to 4:30pm – Pupils arrive
  • 4:30pm to 5:30pm – Teaching time
  • 5:30pm – Session 1 finishes and pupils are dismissed (see dismissal procedures below)

Session 2

  • 5:30pm to 5:40pm – Pupils arrive
  • 5:40pm to 6:40pm – Teaching time
  • 6:40pm – Session 2 finishes and pupils are dismissed (see dismissal procedures below)

Dismissal Procedures

We have allowed a 10 minute collection period at the end of each session so that pupils can be handed over to parents rather than being let go on their own. This is to ensure that your child/children isn’t left to roam the streets unaccompanied. Parents must ensure that they are prompt in collecting their child/children as it can affect the teaching of the next session. Phone calls will be made if your child hasn’t been collected within the 10 minute collection period.

Our new policy is not to let any child out of the madrassah unaccompanied unless you have given your express written consent. If you feel that your child is capable of walking home on their own, please complete the slip at the bottom of the letter attached to this post and hand it to the Headteacher.

Note, as with most primary schools, children under the age of 11 must be collected by a parent.


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