Sadqatul-Fitr and Fidyah

We are collecting sadqatul-fitr and fidyah payments in the masjid to be sent to more needy parts of the world. Please see Br Ismail Chapti in the masjid to make your payment. Please ensure that you specifically mention that it is for sadqatul-fitr or fidyah so that it doesn’t get mixed up with the various other collections taking place. We ask that you make your payment as soon as possible so that the money can be sent and given to the recipients before Eid salaah, as per the sunnah way of giving it.

Sadqatul Fitr

Sadqatul-fitr (or fitrana) is £2.50 per person. It is obligatory upon every muslim, male and female, that owns more than 613 grams of silver or it’s equivalent in the form of cash, jewellery, shares, trade stock, or other commodities that are in excess of one’s need.

If one meets the criteria and is obliged to pay it then they should also pay the same amount for each ‘na baligh’ (pre-pubescent) child in the house too. However, it is also acceptable if the father or mother (or the head of the household) pays it on behalf the other adults in the household with their permission.


Fidyah is the payment one must make where one is excused from fasting for a valid shar’ee reason. The amount one must pay is the same as for Sadqatul-fitr for each missed fast. One example is where a person is unable to fast due to old age and where fasting would cause physical harm to them (as advised by a, preferably muslim, doctor). In this example, because it is a long term issue, the person is unable to make up the fast at another time of the year and so fidyah is given instead.

Note that where a person is temporarily unable to fast, for example if they have had major surgery just before or during Ramadan, but the person is expected to recover from it then fidyah cannot be given. The person MUST make up the missed fast(s) after Ramadan once they have regained their health.

If you have any specific questions about sadqatul-fitr/fidyah and your individual circumstances, please contact us with details or speak with the imam in the masjid for advice.