Ramadan 2020

InshaAllah the first day of Ramadhan will be Friday 24th April 2020 and taraweeh in Chingford Masjid will commence tonight, 23rd April 2020. The Ramadan timetable can be downloaded from www.chingfordmasjid.com/timetable.

As we are still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the masjid is closed to the public for all congregational prayers. However, the following will be broadcasted on the masjid website (www.chingfordmasjid.com/live) for the duration of Ramadan:

  • Azaan for all 5 salahs, Fajr, Maghrib, Esha and Taraweeh
  • Jummah talk delivered in English by Maulana Mizanur Rahman
  • Short beneficial reminders by Maulana Mizanur Rahman every Saturday and Wednesday at 7:00pm

Note: Do NOT join the Imam in jamaat at home by joining a live streamed audio or video. The salah will be streamed for listening purposes only.