Jumma on 10th July

Although the Masjid is now open again, we have had to reduce our capacity drastically so that we can maintain social distancing inside. There are only 48 prayer spaces available.

We will, InshaAllah, be holding Jumma salaah on Friday 10th July, but unfortunately we can only accommodate a limited number of people even though we will be holding multiple jamaats. Therefore, unfortunately, some musallees will not get a chance to perform Jumma salaah even after coming to the Masjid.

We will be holding 4 jamaats and you will need to follow the rules and guidelines which can be found here. Under no circumstances will you be allowed inside the masjid if you do not:

  1. Bring a face mask that fully covers your mouth and nose. This must remain in place throughout the whole time you are inside the masjid.
  2. Bring your own full sized prayer mat.
  3. Bring a bag to put your shoes in.
  4. Come prepared with wudhu. The toilet and wudhu facilities aren’t in use.
  5. Give your name to the volunteers at the door.
  6. Follow general COVID-19 guidelines and maintain social distancing.

The jamat times will be as follows:


Please note the following:

  • No children under 13.
  • When arriving, you will need to queue in the designated area outside the masjid while maintaining social distancing.
  • The volunteers will call you inside one-by-one when the doors open.
  • Once the capacity for that jamaat is reached, the doors will be locked and you will need to wait patiently until the next salaah.
  • In order to facilitate the next salaah we require you to leave the masjid immediately after the fard prayer and pray your sunnah/nawafil at home.
  • After the people for the 4th salaah have been called inside, anyone remaining will be asked to leave. There are no further salaah and you will need to pray zuhr instead when you return home.
  • Please do not argue with any of the volunteers at any time. The Trustees have given them very specific instructions and they are giving up their free time to help the masjid.

We understand that this isn’t an ideal situation, but we are trying to accommodate as many musallees as possible while following Government guidelines.

We need all musallees to understand the situation we are in and to work with us to ensure everyone’s safety. Please do not be offended if you are turned away or reminded to follow the rules.