Changes to the Jumma Booking System

We have reviewed the booking system that is in operation for musallees to book their space for Jumma salaah and we will be making some changes from this week.

  • To make things easier, bookings will now open at 8:25pm on the Tuesday of each week.
  • We have now added a 5th Jumma salaah that can be booked. This replaces the ‘standby’ salaah that we had. After the 5th salaah, there will be no more salaah.
  • The timings of the Jumma salaah have changed slightly to allow time for the 5th salaah. The new timings, effective from this week are 1st jamaat at 13:25, 2nd at 13:45, 3rd at 14:05, 4th at 14:25, and 5th at 14:45.
    The doors open 10 mins before each salaah (except 1st which opens at 12:40)

Unfortunately, there are a number of musallees who are booking spaces and then not turning up. There are also a small number who book spaces in multiple salaah and then only turn up to one! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS as this selfishness denies other musallees a space.

We will be monitoring the bookings closely each week and anyone that doesn’t attend a pre-booked salaah will be placed on a blacklist. If this happens regularly then any future tickets booked by that person will be cancelled and made available for other people to book.

If you need to cancel a booking, please reply to the email containing your tickets at least 24 hours beforehand to let us know so that other people can make use of that space.

We hope this makes things easier for all and thank you for your continued patience while we try to accommodate as many musallees as possible under the present circumstances.