Weekly Learning Circles

The Masjid is now holding weekly learning circles delivered by various Mawlana who are giving their time for the benefit of the community. The schedule of events and the topics being delivered are shown below.

For ladies and those unable to attend the Masjid, all talks (except the Tajweed class) will be broadcast live via the Masjid livestream at www.chingfordmasjid.com/live.

Attendees must follow the current Masjid COVID19 guidelines while inside the Masjid (ie bring a mask, musalla, shoe bag, come prepared with wudhu, and observe social distancing).

MondayAfter MaghribMawlana Mizanur RahmanRiyad Al-Salihin – Lessons from Hadith
TuesdayAfter MaghribMawlana Rashid AhmedShamail – A study on the description of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
WednesdayAfter MaghribMawlana Muhammad Saeed MullaTafsir of Surah Baqarah
SaturdayAfter MaghribMawlana Mizanur RahmanTajweed Class for Men
(this will not be broadcast)
Friday12:50pmMawlana Mizanur RahmanJumma Speech